Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Pinal County Arizona Sheriff Asks Public For Donations to Adequately Arm His Deputies

OK readers, Average Joe has a challenge for you.  The Sheriff of Pinal County Arizona's deputies are in a daily battle with south of the border drug runners who have his forces outgunned.  His deputies are putting their lives on the line against an invasion force armed with AK 47s while the good guys have but pistols and the occasional shotgun.  They needs military rifles and carbines and they need them today.  The Sheriff is trying to raise $150,000 to purchase a rifle for each deputy.  Do not think that this does not affect you because you don't live in Pinal County or the State of Arizona.  His Sheriff's Department is standing between these invading drug runners who murder and kidnap at will, and the rest of the Unites States.  If the drug runners make it through more come and they will spread out bringing illegal drugs and violent crime to your community.  Average Joe will be plunking down $100.00 to the Sheriff's Department and I challenge all readers to donate at least $10.00.  Your tax dollars are spent on all sorts of programs you probably don't agree with.  Please take the time to donate $10.00 for law and order.  You will feel good about yourself and sleep just a little bit better.

Information about these tax-deductible donations can be found online atwww.pinalcountyjusticefoundation.org or by calling 520-866-5133.

PINAL COUNTY, AZ - The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public to pay for assault rifles so its deputies are better armed against Mexican drug cartels.
Sheriff Paul Babeu said his deputies are outmanned and outgunned by violent criminals.
Now, Babeu wants to arm all of his deputies with semi-automatic rifles, saying his deputies have seen a growing number of violent encounters involving high speed chases and shootouts, including one in April where a group of drug smugglers are accused of shooting a deputy patrolling the desert.
“This is the weapon that they need to best protect themselves and to stop the threat continuing against the public,” said Babeu.
Babeu said it would cost $200,000 to arm more than 200 of his deputies with the new rifles.
Instead of applying for federal grants or asking his supervisors for the money, he's asking you to pay for it saying it would take months to get approval otherwise.
“In this case, we're going directly to the public asking them because it is an immediate need,” said Babeu.
Deputy Samuel Swafford knows he has a risky job. Two years ago, he spent more than $3,000 of his own money to buy his own assault rifle he carries with him on duty.
“The reason I bought my own rifle is because just basically more fire power. We're always encountering people that have automatic weapons so we're always outgunned,” said Swafford.


Al said...

Thank you for sharing this post I will do my part. I agree with the idea that many times in life when you want something done right you need to do it yourself. Waiting for the govt to do things..
We now in this country are at war on many fronts the men and women who put their lives on the line on a daily basis deserve to have the right tools.

Wilson said...

Thank you for posting this. I just sent them some money and I hope everyone reading does as well. THANKS AGAIN!