Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Revisiting and Re-Holstering the Remora Holster

The review of the Remora holster line has generated a lot of feedback and questions.  Those that have ordered them seem to be very pleased with their performance.  A couple of readers have mentioned concerns about the ability to re-holster their pistol after drawing.  This is difficult with most inside-the-waistband holsters since the mouth of the holster closes after the handgun is drawn.

However since the Remora does not have a clip or belt loop it is possible to re-holster by pulling the holster about half-way out of your waistband.  Follow the photos below:

Step 1 Holster and pistol are seated in the waistband

Step 2 Draw the handgun

Step 3 The Amazing Remora Holster stays put but the tension of the belt closes the mouth of the holster.


Step 1--Transfer the weapon to your weak hand and with your strong hand pull the Remora holster about half way out of your waistband.

Step 2 Insert the pistol back into the holster

Step 3 Push the pistol into the holster and the holster back into your waistband

And you are done:

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LowTax said...

Got two Ramora holsters in the mail yesterday - one for a Beretta 84 and one for a Sig P220. I'm amazed at how well these sit in place - no shifting whatsoever as I move around through out the day. They're also very comfortable. Thanks for the tip!