Sunday, July 18, 2010

Remora Holsters***Updated***

    (Glock 23 in a Remora Holster)
Since this review was posted I received an email from Alan Bogdan of Remora Holsters.  Apparently their website was hacked and their ordering, cart, checkout, and payment functions are down.  He expects them to be back up shortly.  His entire email follows at the end of this review.

I normally do not get excited about holsters.  To me they are just a utilitarian piece of equipment that conceals the weapon so they don’t need to be all that fancy.  From time to time I have coveted some beautiful leather holsters with wonderful scroll work carved into them as well as holsters made from exotic skins.  However with the cost of handgun and ammunition I can’t justify spending $200 to $500 on concealment holsters that no one should be seeing anyway.  My excitement for holsters changed recently and it had nothing to do with Rhino, elephant, ostrich, alligator, shark or the skin of any other creature. 

You see a month or so ago I was purchasing a Glock 27 and mentioned to the sales person that I also wanted to pick up an inside-the-waistband holster for it.  He looked at me and said “how about a clipless holster”?  Now that peaked my interest.  He almost ran to the wall of pegged holsters and came back with what looked kind of like a DeSantis Nemeses pocket holster.  The brand name is Remora and it is not a pocket holster but an actual inside-the-waistband holster that stays in place without the need of any clip, strap, or belt loop.  In fact you really don’t need a belt at all. 

The exterior of the Remora holster is a skin of raised rubberized nubs that produce a non-slip surface and I mean non-slip.  

Now, I haven’t run with one on but for the remainder of my average daily activities, sitting down and standing up, getting in and out of the car, driving, bending over to pick things up, etc. the holster stays in place.  Here are some other positives:

           1. It holds the pistol so close to my body that I have been able to conceal it underneath normal T-shirts rather than the usual heavier polo shirts I have been using.
       2. It does not weigh the right side of my pants down!  I have even worn it inside of a pair of drawstring cotton shorts and the holster stays in place without pulling them down at the waist line. 

3.      3.  Since there is no clip or belt loop it is easy to move the pistol from strong side to cross draw so that it is easier to access when driving. 

4.      4.  It is extremely comfortable.  There are no hard corners or edges on it to poke you in the side.
%.   5.  When sitting down in the men's room it is easy to remove the pistol and holster so that is does not show to anyone in an adjacent stall.

              (Kahr PM9 in a Remora Holster)

And now for the best part...the holsters only run about $25.00!  Remora makes them for most popular pistols and they seem to be open to adding more.  They also make both a single and double magazine pouch that fits every magazine I have, from small single stackers to large double stack mags.

When I bought my first one I went to their website and it only listed three retailers that carry them in a few short weeks that has risen to 19 but if one of those shops is not near you fear not!  You can also buy them at Remora’s website  Tell them Average Joe sent you!

July 19, 2010

My name is Alan Bogdan. I am the owner of Remora Concealment and Security Products. We are the sole manufactures of The ORIGINAL REMORA HOLSTER and related concealment and security products.
Recently, we learned of a breach in our corporate security system. This breaching action, attacked and sabotaged not only our business structure, but also, our internet website. While our website is back up, several features are still missing, which limit your ability to negotiate the site, and/or, to place online orders through the store. We deeply apologize for this inconvenience and want to assure you we are diligently working to resolve the website’s remaining issues. Our Systems Personnel should have the entire website totally restored and fully operational, very shortly.
Accordingly, because of the current website glitches, and the absence of an online shopping cart, we ask that you please direct all inquiries, and/or requests for REMORA products, to one of the following points of contact:


408 Panay Avenue
Naples, Florida 34113

Attn: Alan Bogdan
Also, for your ready reference, our telephone number is: (239) 293-1165, and our FAX number is: (888) 201-8714.
In closing, I want to thank you for your interest in REMORA HOLSTERS, and our related concealment and security products. I very much appreciate your business, your patience and your understanding during this time. REMORA is committed to producing the finest concealment holster of it’s type on the market today. And, looking forward to that promise, we want to hear from each of you, and especially receive your comments. With your help, we can continue to improve, and add to, our current product line.
Thank you again for your understanding and for your support of REMORA products.
Alan Bogdan



Al said...

Nice review-I'm sure as many of the readers of your site, I have more holsters than guns. I'm always looking for the "perfect solution", I know there is no such thing, but the being said it's good to have options. I have checked the web site, they are indeed a very nice solution.
Thanks for your great reviews

EmmaP said...

great review! btw, I bought the Taurus 709 slim, partially based on the reveiw you gave it about 7 or 8 mos ago. Now... I just need a Bra-Holster :)

Average Joe's Handgun Reviews said...


Thanks for the kind words. I hope you enjoy your Taurus. Can't help you too much on a bra holster but here are some links:

Good Luck,

Chris Walker said...

I was a sceptic until I got it in the mail yesterday... I tried the Remora Holster out with my Glock 36 in my jeans, running shorts (with a drawstring), and dress pants yesterday, and I swear to you, the holster STAYS PUT! I couldn't believe how well it stays in place with no clip, and I could conceal my pistol wearing nothing but a t-shirt! It's the best $25 you could spend if you CCW...

Liston Matthews said...


I have enjoyed your reports with Doc Wesson for some time now.

Just yesterday, I looked up your blog. I really appreciate the reviews you do, easy to understand, and sensible, without bias for/against a manufacturer.

I do have a problem reading the reports, however, small white print on a black background. Your other blogs are much more 'eye friendly'. Maybe too many birthdays!

I have you linked on my blog. Each time you post, my blog will be updated, and maybe send a little traffic your way:

Keep up the good work.


Unknown said...

Hey Joe! Great review. I've got a Kahr PM9 as well. Have heard other reviewers complaining that Remora doesn't make a 'specific' holster for this gun and that it's a little loose. Which Remora holster are you using for the Kahr and how is it? Also, how does having the gun between pants and a tucked undershirt work? Does the Remora sit just as firmly when not up against skin?

Unknown said...

Hey Joe! Great review. I've got a Kahr PM9 as well. Have heard other reviewers complaining that Remora doesn't make a 'specific' holster for this gun and that it's a little loose. Which Remora holster are you using for the Kahr and how is it? Also, how does having the gun between pants and a tucked undershirt work? Does the Remora sit just as firmly when not up against skin?

Average Joe's Handgun Reviews said...


The holster pictured with the Kahr PM9 is a number 6. I would imagine a number 4 might work and be a little tighter. The Remora works equally well up against clothing or skin. This is a great holster!

Al said...

Just received my new Ramora holsters: one for a Kel Tech P-11 and CZ75D. The fit and finish is way above my expectations and both work as advertised. I wore the CZ the first afternoon wearing a pair of sweat pants with drawstring. Though I've become accustomed to carrying the P-11, I now am carrying the CZ. Love this product and will buy more for my other pistols. Thanks to this fine blog for the heads up!