Sunday, November 16, 2008

SIG P250 9mm Pistol

The SIG model P250 may be the most exciting polymer pistol to hit the market this year. The reasons are easy to list:

1. Lightweight
2. Great Night Sights
3. Superior Ergonomics
4. Superb double action only trigger pull
5. Ease of Operation
6. It’s a Convertible

Convertible? No, it’s not a ragtop for the middle-age crisis crowd it’s a pistol that provides you with one standard platform that than be converted (accessories not included) from compact to sub-compact or full sized and can be converted from 9mm to .40 to .357 to .45. For around $600 you get (at the present time) the compact model which can be found in either 9mm or .40 S&W. You can then buy different grip frames, slides, magazines and barrels to increase or decrease the size and change the caliber to any of the four mentioned above. As of yet I have not seen the sub-compact or full sized accessories available; nor have I seen the barrels and magazines to convert it to .357 SIG or .45 ACP.

This is done by providing a standard modular frame containing the fire control assembly (think trigger, hammer, and everything that makes them work) that can easily be removed and reinstalled in other sized grip frames. (See picture below)

The fire control assembly is the only part of the pistol that is serial numbered and as SIG housed the fire control components into their own frame the fire control assembly in the modular frame legally becomes the only part of the pistol that has to be numbered and registered. This leaves to free to change grip frames, barrels, slides, and magazines to change the caliber or size of the pistol without having to purchase a whole new pistol and doesn’t require the services of a gunsmith.

All of this, in itself, would be considered genius and enough to make the P250 anyone’s gun of the year but in traditional SIG fashion there is much more to the pistol to like. The ergonomics and “feel” of the pistol are outstanding and I am a believer that the way the pistol fits your hand is crucial to your ability to be able to fire is well and the P250 fits mine excellently. The grip has a comfortable checkering and stippling pattern molded into it along with the company’s logo. The grip also has a very pleasing arch to the back strap. It is not quite as pronounced as the arch on the P225 or P220 SIG pistols but it is very comfortable nonetheless.

The pistol being evaluated in this review is the 9mm which came as a part of a special package that included a threaded barrel, digital camouflage patterns on the polymer grip frame, a polymer holster, polymer magazine carrier, and two spare 16 round magazines.

The P250 weighs in at 25.1 ounces, is 7.2 inches in length, 5.29 inches high, 1.38 inches wide, has a 3.86 inch barrel, a near perfect 5.5 pound trigger pull, and a magazine capacity of 16 rounds. The trigger on the P250 is smooth and well polished with no burrs or sharp edges to bite the trigger finger. It favors well with the gold standard of compact polymer pistols, the Glock model 19 which weighs 21 ounces, is 6.85 inches long, 5 inches high, 1.18 inches wide, has a 4.02 inch long barrel, and a magazine capacity of 15 rounds.

The SIG P250 takes down like any other SIG pistol. Retract and lock the slide back and remove the magazine. Check to make sure the pistol does not have a round in the chamber. Rotate the side mounted take down lever (which is just above the trigger guard) and the slide can be easily moved forward and off of the frame. From there just push the spring and guide rod forward until they clear the barrel assembly and pull them upward and out of the slide. The barrel can then be moved slightly forward and then pulled up and out as well.

The pistol also comes with SIG’s proprietary low mount night sights which were perfectly regulated for combat distances for me.

Range Time (All ammunition used in this evaluation was Magtech 115 grain Full Metal Jacket):

Two from 21 Feet

30 Feet

50 Feet
75 Feet

I like this pistol a lot and the only downside that I can see is that the double action trigger, while very smooth, do not reset as fast as the Glock pistols can. That however, will not threaten the permanent place that the P250 has earned in my safe.