Saturday, December 02, 2006

Smith & Wesson Model 586-L Performance Center .357 Magnum

The S & W 586-L is a Performance Center special limited run for Camfour, a Massachusetts based distributor. Let’s get right to the specs:

Model: 586 L-Comp
Caliber: .357MAG/.38+P
Capacity: 7 Rounds
Barrel Length: Full Lug 3" Ported
Front Sight: Ramp with Tritium Dot Night Sight
Rear Sight: Adjustable Black Blade
Grip: Altamont Rosewood Checkered Combat
Frame: Medium
Finish: Black
Overall Length: 8"
Material: Carbon Steel
Weight: 37.5 oz.

As noted above the 586 L has a 3 inch compensated barrel topped with a Tritium night sight.

(Compensated barrel port can be seen in front of the front sight.)

She also sports a forged and case-hardened trigger and hammer rather than having MIM (metal injection molded) parts. Many manufacturers are taking flack from gun shooting purists who bemoan the movement to MIM parts. Metal injection molding helps the manufacturer keeps costs down and quite frankly I have had no problems with the MIM parts on my Kimber 1911’s. The Altamont Rosewood Checkered grips are beautiful, but rather flat and short to aid in concealment. Also included are a set of Hogue Bantam rubber grips that allow most of your little finger to hang on. All shooting, including factory magnums, was done with the smaller rosewood grips and they were not a hindrance to shooting in any way.

The trigger has an adjustable trigger stop to control over-travel and speed up the trigger reset process. Also the S & W Performance Center worked over the trigger resulting in a single action pull that is crisp with no take-up and required only a slight amount of pressure to drop the hammer. The double action is likewise, very smooth.

This revolver has a capacity of 7 rounds and is also supplied with full moon clips to increase reloading efficiency. The fact that this revolver is made of carbon steel and sports a ported barrel made it pleasant and fun to shoot especially with full powered factory magnums. Accuracy is also good as the target below show.

21 rounds of Magtech .38 Special 158 grain Full Metal Jacket fired at 21 feet.

14 rounds of CCI Blazer .357 Magnum 158 grain Jacketed Hollow Point fired at 21 feet.

14 rounds of the same CCI Blazer ammunition fired at 30 feet.

28 rounds of American Eagle .357 Magnum 158 grain Semi-Jacketed Soft Point ammunition fired at 40 feet. This was a hotter round.

21 rounds of CCI Blazer .357 Magnum fired at 50 feet.