Wednesday, March 09, 2016

CZ 75 B Matte Stainless

OK, move closer to your monitor.  This one you don't want to miss.  This is the CZ 75 B in matte stainless steel.  This pistol is kind of a mystery.  It doesn't appear on the CZ website in the version you see above.  There is a matte stainless on the CZ USA site but it has standard sights and rubber grips.  This pistol is adorned with 3-Dot night sights and premium cocobolo grips.  I did briefly find it on the CZ Custom Shop website but when I went back to check on it today it was gone.  

I would not be surprised to find that it does spend a brief amount of time at the Custom Shop in Arizona.  The trigger pull is much better than a stock CZ 75.  It is not amazingly light like the sub 3-pound pulls on their competition pistols.  No, this pistol was built for defense, not competition.  The trigger pull is very smooth, some polishing has taken place.  The double action pull come in at 9.1 pounds and the single action pull averaged 5.25 pounds.  The smoothness helps provide superb accuracy.  As with all CZ's the slide rides inside the frame instead of outside or on top of the frame.  Again, this is claimed to be another factor which contributes to the excellent accuracy.

Another touch for the defensive shooter are the Tru-Dot night sights that sit atop the frame.

This brings us to the premium cocobolo grips.
These grips are really something special.  They are constructed from nicely grained and figured warm red cocobolo wood.  They are shaped, rounded and attractively checkered to add a pleasing feel to the already ergonomic CZ grip.  These grips are the only sensual feeling you can have that doesn't involve cheating on your spouse.

The trigger operating mechanism is traditional double action meaning that the first round will have the longer 9.1 pound double action pull and the subsequent rounds will have the shorter 5.25 pound single action pull.  As this pistol has a manual safety instead of a decocker the pistol can be carried cocked and locked in the single action mode. So you can have your operational preference.  

All of this leads us to discussing how the pistol shoots.  We have already discussed the smooth trigger pull.  As this is an all stainless steel pistol weighing in at 2.31 pounds this is a heavier gun than the current crop of polymer framed pistols on the market.  As we have noted before a proper holster and gun belt make the weight a non-issue as far as carrying the pistol are concerned.  As this is a full-sized pistol it does need a good cover garment to offer full concealment.  However the weight and size of the pistol mean that the recoil from the 9mm pistol is rather minimal.

Full Specifications
Magazine Capacity
Matte Stainless Steel
Trigger Operations
Traditional Double Action
3-Dot Night Sights
Barrel Length
4.6 Inches
2.31 Pounds
Overall Length
8.1 Inches
5.4 Inches
1.4 Inches

As mentioned at the beginning the accuracy is superb so let's look at the targets.

The center square was shot with 10 rounds of Magtech 115 grain FMJ ammo at a distance of 21 feet.  The top square was shot with 10 rounds of the same ammo at 30 feet and the bottom square is 10 rounds at 45 feet.

The above target was shot with 20 rounds at 75 feet.  Now normally at 75 feet I miss with about half the rounds.  The CZ is a natural shooter and very accurate.  That's the reason 20 rounds went into an 8 inch target at 25 yards.

This target shows defensive rounds fired at 21 feet.  The top square was shot with five rounds of Winchester Train & Defend 147 grain JHP ammo, the center square was shot with five rounds of Federal's 105 grain Guard Dog ammo and the bottom square is five rounds of Speer 124 grain +9 Gold Dot Hollow-point ammunition.  

The CZ 75 B Matte Stainless pistol has rapidly become one of my favorite pistols.  While not the most convenient to carry I am finding myself carrying it frequently as the accuracy out to 75 feet gives me the confidence to make accurate shots should I, God forbid, find myself having to defend myself with my pistol.  

You can find this pistol at Arnzen Arms here.  And tell 'em that Average Joe sent you!

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