Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ruger 10/22 Collector's Series Second Edition

Ruger, of late, has certainly become a very prolific firearms manufacturer.  New model designs with a variety of caliber choices in just about all of their catalogued lines has kept Ruger's manufacturing plants very busy and has kept the shooters scratching their heads trying to figure out which new model(s) to purchase.  

Back in the olden days before smart watches, streaming video and Uber, I was a lad and you only had a choice of two models, the standard and the deluxe.  The deluxe model had better wood, checkering on the pistol grip and fore-stock and no band around the barrel and fore-end   Most of us kids back then coveted the standard model because of the barrel band.  It made it very M-1 Carbine-esque.  Ruger has come a long way since then as their website now lists 22 different models of the 10/22. 

Last year marked the 50th anniversary of the venerable 10/22 rifle and Ruger released a 50th anniversary collector's edition.  2015 marks the release of Ruger's Collector's Series Second Edition.

Upon seeing this second edition your eyes will focus on two parts.  The first is the dark gray composite stock and the second is the sighting system.
Up front is a wing-protected, non-glare sight with a ghost ring adjustable aperture sight at the rear.  These sights are designed for fast target acquisition  and, with the adjustable aperture, you can dial the sights in for your favorite 22 Long Rifle brand and load.  No squirrel, jack rabbit, rodent, aluminum can or paper target will ever be safe again!

On the aft end of the firearm is Ruger's modular stock system which allows you change the comb from the standard hight  to a raised comb which raises your line of sight if an optic is mounted on the picatinny rail.

Ruger has also stamped the Ruger Collector's Series markings on the bolt.

As with all Ruger 10/22's the Collector's Series Second Edition comes with a standard 10 round rotary magazine.
The rotary design has been a hit with Ruger for 51 years because it work and works well.  With quality ammunition the 10/22 is amazingly reliable.  But, as good as the 10 round rotary mags are, you may want to stock up on some higher capacity magazines before the zombie apocalypse begins and the hi-cap mags become scarce.  Well, you are in luck as the rifle's box will also contain a $25 gift certificate and that will get you most of the way to a high capacity magazine.

But wait...there's more!
The box will also contain a Ruger lapel pin, a reproduction of an early magazine ad and a limited editions Ruger street sign.

Ruger 10/22's are easy shooting and easy packing rifles that can go just about anywhere and provide reliability, accuracy and fun.  Everyone should own at least three  10/22s:

  1. The first one you received as a kid
  2. The one you upgraded to for hunting or more serious target work
  3. A collector's edition (or two, or three, or more)
You probably already have the first two and now it's time to add the second collector's edition to your battery.  


Jordan said...

Great overview of this. This is an interesting series and it is a good looking gun at least. Thanks for sharing!

Brett said...

I really like this version , and if I'm in a store that has one at the right price I'll own one

David t. said...

Walked into Carson Armory today for some ammo. Saw the collectors series and was so impressed with its look that I bought it. Love this gun.

Anonymous said...

Saw this at my LGS yesterday while picking up ammo. Can not stop thinking about it all week end.

Anonymous said...

Bought 1 2 weeks ago. I fired off some rounds into a milk jug. I'm quitting my job so I can shoot this thing all day. It's smooth easy and fun to use.

Unknown said...

Getting one this week. Sounds sweet.

Unknown said...

I just got one and it shoots smoothly and accurately, very reliable. I went online and ordered some mags for it with the $ 25.00 gift certificate. Awesome gun!

Unknown said...

I picked one up but here in Cali got to wait 8 more days till I get it. So sad. I'm thinking about it all day

Anonymous said...

How many rifles were made of these series ?