Friday, January 16, 2015

Ruger LC9s in 9mm and the LCR in .22 Long Rifle

It wasn't all that long ago that Ruger wasn't really interested in producing handguns for defensive concealed carry.  Those days are over and began with Ruger's entry into the pocket pistol realm with their .380 ACP caliber model LCP.  This has since become staple in their line-up and it's popularity has yet to wane.

Today we're going to take a closer look at two more defensive handgun entries by Ruger; the LC9s in 9mm and the LCR revolver in .22 Long Rifle.

Let's address the elephant in the room first: am I out of my mind calling the .22 caliber LCR a defensive handgun?  Here's my response:

1.  I had my choice in shooting the LCR in .38 Special and .22 LR.  There have been a multitude of reviews on the internet and in the print media of the .38 Special LCR so I wanted to try something different.

2.  Although I would not recommend a .22 LR as a defensive handgun it is successfully used for that purpose many times each year.  Sometimes it's employed in a defensive capacity because the owner can't afford the more expensive centerfire ammunition, sometimes it's employed because the owner has an injury or other ailment that prevents them from using a larger caliber and sometimes it's employed in a self defense scenario because it was what the owner had with them when they came under attack.

Let's start by examining what Ruger gives you with this little revolver. You get a Hogue Tamer synthetic grip which may just be the best small revolver grip you'll find on the market.  It may be a little much on a handgun chambered for the low recoil .22 Long Rifle cartridge but it's a big help on the LCRs chambered for centerfire ammunition.  It's still a benefit in the .22 revolver due to the fact that it is a hand-filling grip that keeps the little revolver well positioned in your hand.  It will not move around when you pull the trigger like a handgun with a smaller grip.  While mentioning the trigger, Ruger designed a patented friction reducing cam for their LCR line-up.  The double action pull on this specimen measured a very smooth 11.6 pounds. 

My only complaint on this LCR is that the front sight is plain black.  It gets very fuzzy on my aging eyes and I could use a big fiber optic red pipe up front.  

As for the rest of the specifications, the barrel is 1.875 inches in length, the overall length is 6.50 inches and the height is 4.5 inches.  It weighs a mere 14.9 ounces meaning it weighs next to nothing.  The MSRP is $545.00 but you should be able to find it for much less that than.

The revolver is very easy and fun to shoot.  Below are two targets shot at 21 and 30 feet.

Please keep in perspective that these targets are only 3 inches in diameter.  That's pretty good accuracy for a barrel length of less than 2 inches.

Next up is the LC9s.

The original Ruger LC9 was a hammer fired pistol with a rather dismal trigger pull.  This past year Ruger redesigned the pistol with a striker-fired system and the trigger pull was vastly improved.  This striker-fired pistol is the model LC9s.  Ruger has also recently produced the LC9s Pro model which is the same as the LC9s but without the manual safety on the left side of the frame.

The LC9 series of pistols are manufactured with a glass-filled nylon frame and a steel slide and barrel.  It has a barrel length of 3.12 inches, an overall length of 6 inches, a height of 4.5 inches, a width of 0.90 inches and a weight of 17.2 ounces.  All of this makes it an easy-carrying pocket pistol.  You get a capacity of 7 rounds in the magazine plus one in the chamber.

A much appreciated bonus are sights that are actually useful. This is not always the case on pocket guns.
The rear sight can be drifted right or left for horizontal adjustments. The MSRP on the LC9s is $545.00 but again you should be able to find it on your dealer's shelf for less.

This pistol is easy to carry and easy to shoot as you can see from the targets below.  The top target was shot at 21 feet and the bottom was shot at 35 feet.
Again, these targets are 3 inches in diameter and the accuracy in the LC9s will provide you the ability to adjust the attitude of any miscreants who misidentify you as a helpless target.

Ruger has many other offering for defensive carry and you can rely on the Ruger name for quality, reliability and value.  Now, go get one!


Anonymous said...

I carry the LC9 everyday. Great gun and never had an issue.

Adam said...

I agree the grips are extremely comfortable but may be too short for larger hands. Excited to see this in a 22.

Anonymous said...

The Hogue grips on the LCR's are fantastic. I have large hands (use XL gloves) and find these grips fit extremely well. The finger molds hold your 2 stronger/longer fingers and your pinky snuggles underneath, creating a very strong hold. My LCR is the .357 Magnum, which is often shot with 158 gr .357 American Eagles, a full power load. Even my 120 pound niece ENJOYS shooting this gun with these loads, which is unbearable with a S&W small frame.