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Sheepdog Knife and Gun

Sheepdog Knife and Gun is the brainchild of Lt. Col. David Grossman and his son Jon.  If you are unfamiliar with Lt. Col. David Grossman let me tell you he is someone with which you will want to become familiar.  He is a former Army Ranger who went on to teach psychology at West Point.  Since leaving the military he has dedicated his life to preparing the civilians of these United States for the risks and threats that will face them in the coming years.  He had also written and contributed to some of the most heralded book on the subjects of the psychology and mindset of killing such as:

  • On Combat, The Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict in War and Peace
  • On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society
  • Warrior Mindset
  • Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill: A Call To Action Against TV, Movie & Video Game Violence

One of the greatest days you can ever spend is to attend one of his day-long seminars.  A quick check of his Facebook page or his website will get you more familiar with his offerings.  

Jon Grossman is a talented and innovative gunsmith and together with David the mission of Sheepdog Gun and Knife is to provide the tools to permit Sheepdogs to survive and thrive in violent times.  If you don't know who Sheepdogs are, they are us.  Those of us who are licensed and carry a concealed handgun.  Those of us who are ready to protect our families, friends and the rest of sheep from the wolves and other predators that lurk about in society.  We have taken the responsibility to be protectors and place ourselves in danger's way should danger present itself.  Lt. Col Grossman and his son Jon want to see us prevail.

Sheepdog Knife and Gun is not a manufacturer of firearms but a company that modifies firearms to make them better fit their owner, make them more accurate, make them safer and make them faster to get into action.  Similarly, they do not manufacture knives but they are collaborating with leaders in the cutlery industry to develop self defense knives that will also be a part of the Sheepdog's tool kit.  They are also working on concealment systems as well.  I cannot talk about what I saw in that regard but they are are diligently finding ways to conceal full-sized pistols for everyday carry.

Their mission began when they became tasked with finding and modifying a pistol for a female who did not want to compromise on her choice of handguns but had a difficult time handling some of the larger handguns.  Jon and Dave quickly recognized that what they were learning in working with this customer also had some application to just about everyone.

Where the Magic is Made

There is shop is a small venture at this time.  

Jon and Dave collaborate on the design modifications and Jon brings them to life.  All in all the spartan conditions remind me of the small studio where Walt Disney began making animated films in Kansas City which isn't all that far away from the Sheepdog shop.

From a Pumpkin to Cinderella's Coach (that's two Disney references for those who are counting)

One of the amazing transformations I saw was a small .45 ACP 1911 that another female customer was looking for.  With her small hands the bottom of the grip bite her during recoil.  Jon realized that a bobtailed frame might be the answer but the extension of the grip safety down the frame made bobtailing most small 1911 impossible.  Jon procured a Detonics Combat Master, which does not utilize a grip safety, and applied the bobtail.  This is what the original frame looked like after bobtailing it:

And from this rough frame Jon produced this work of art:
And...did I mention it could shoot!
I was able to shoot the finished product and I can tell you that Dave and Jon were right about their modifications having applications for the masses.  This pistol handles very well and the bobtail fit my meaty paw better than any other small 1911 I have handled.

Making Pistols Better

Let's look at the other common modification that Sheepdog Knife and Gun offers.

The first is the enhanced slide pull:

Here are two versions, a finger grooved model in the top photo and a pyramided version on the 1911 just above.  When I first saw pictures of the ESP I was a little skeptical.  However upon picking up the Kel-Tec PMR 30 shown in the top photo and laying my hand over the top of the ESP my fingers fell right in the grooves providing a natural grip and making the slide very easy to retract.  When put on pistols with heavy springs it would be even easier to just grasp the ESP with your weak hand and then push the frame forward with your dominant hand.  The patented enhanced slide pull was first designed for a customer that was having a difficult time retracting the slide.  Once designed and built it is evident that an easier method of retracting the slide would benefit everyone.  Additionally it provides a much more positive grasp on the slide which would be beneficial if operating the pistol under stress or any other less than ideal condition.  The ESP can be made of Stainless Steel but are most are formed from epoxy resin.

Going back to those two photos you will also see another device on the frame about the triggers.  This is the "Index Point Finger Shelf" another patented Sheepdog design.  The IPFS is a safety device designed to let you feel the point of the interior nipple and know that your finger is off of the trigger.  Additionally the shelf is designed to keep your finger from sliding off the frame and onto the trigger.  If you don't think this is a problem just watch this negligent discharge by a Las Vegas Metro officer during the handcuffing of a suspect  The patented "Index Point Finger Shelf" is specifically measured and applied at the point where the first finger pad of the individual shooters trigger finger would rest.

Another of their modifications is the Micro Front Sight:

The Micro Front Sight includes a vertical white line down the sight.  Research has found that this vertical line helps shooters more quickly acquire an accurate sight picture especially in daylight shooting where the glowing night sight is of no help.

These and other modifications are available through Sheepdog Knife and Gun including the availability of choosing what ever color or colors you want your pistol to have.  Your options are only limited by your imagination and the Cerakote catalogue.  

Let's Look At Some of their Handguns

I want to mention that some of the pistols that we will look at are finished products for customers and some were design prototypes.  If you see something that looks a little rough in one of the photos it is undoubtedly a design prototype which was made to test functionality.

Kel-tec PMR 30

This pistol was produced with a Shimmer Gold Frame and Crimson slide.  You will quickly see that the customer who ordered it had not use for the accessory rail so it was removed.  Additionally the Enhanced Slide Pull and Index Point Shelf were added.  

Green fiber optic pipes were put in the rear sight in place of the standard red pipes and the back plate was serrated to reduce glare.

This is my 30 round group with the PMR.

Detonics Score Master
Both the trigger guard and beavertail safety were undercut to allow a higher grip and reduce the bore axis which decreases muzzle flip and helps accuracy.

This pistol also includes the Finger Index Shelf and Enhanced Slide Pulls as well as a Magtec Magwell, a competition flat trigger and the micro front sights.  Checkering was added to the front strap along with the stainless steel trips.  The pistol is finished in Titanium and Graphite Black. shoots as good as it looks

SIG P220 .45 ACP

This is a design prototype pistol produced in bright pink and forest green.  I kept referring to it as the Pepto-Bismal pistol and as much as I dislike pink guns this one was a shooter!  It also featured the Enhanced Slide Pulls, Finger Shelf Index Point, and re-contoured grips.  This pistol is for sale.  If you want it (I would change the color if it was me) the contact information will be at the bottom of this posting.

Detonics Combat Master

This work of art includes the original Finger Index Point without the shelf, a hand polished stainless frame, a graphite black Cerakoted slide, the Enhanced Slide Pulls, and undercut trigger guard with a bobtailed grip frame.  This pistol also has the micro front sight, and a new sear, disconnector, mainspring housing, and slide.  The pistol also has what I would consider to be a combat perfect 4.4 pound trigger pull.

So if you are interesting in talking to the folks at Sheepdog about building a special handgun for you or if you want the SIG P220 email Jon at

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