Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Best Defensive Handguns of 2013

OK, the title of this posting can be defined pretty broadly so let me narrow this down before we get started.  These are the best defensive handguns I evaluated this year.  These were not necessarily handguns produced this year they were just the ones I got around to reviewing.  So now that we all understand the parameters here we go.

The best overall handgun reviewed in 2013 is:

Springfield XDs .45 ACP

You can't ask for more that the XDs gives you.  It is small, powerful, and accurate.  For me, a grip sleeve and Pierce magazine finger extension are crucial to improve the handling.  The sights are great.  Now, only six rounds flies in the face of the current penchant for high capacity handguns but this is six powerful rounds fired from a very accurate handgun and an extra magazine or two doesn't take up much space in your pocket.


The Best Polymer Framed Striker-Fired Pistol:

Walther PPQ M2

Great pistol!  Fantastic trigger, phenomenal accuracy, good sights, great ergonomics and a large enough magazine to relieve your low-capacity anxiety.

The Best Alloy Framed Hammer Fired Pistol:

The CZ 75 D PCR

Another fantastic pistol.  It fits my hand very well and the controls are within easy reach of my thumb.  It's easy to carry in an inside-the-waistband holster and it accurate to boot!

Best Large Framed .45 ACP:

CZ 97B

This is a large, heavy handgun however that means low recoil, faster follow-up shots and accuracy.  This pistol is not easily concealed but if I knew the feces was going to hit the fan this is the pistol I would want in a belt or shoulder holster.

Best Mirco Pocket Pistol:


If you're looking for a great pocket pistol that is accurate and value priced then look no further than the Taurus TCP 738.  

You can ask much more than what what the Taurus gives you.  The photo above shows 7 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense shot at 21 feet.  Two additional magazines carry easily in the change pocket of you blue jeans.

Too lazy to write a lame conclusion.  

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