Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gizmos, Gadgets, and Goodies for Guns

It's time to look at some Gizmos, Gadgets, and Goodies for Guns and the Guys and Gals that own them.

First up is the Handi-Racker

If you or someone you know has a difficult time racking the slide on a semi-automatic pistol due to arthritis or a hand injury the Handi-Racker is here to help!

Just slide the Handi-Racker over the top of the slide...
Place the front of the Handi-Racker against a stable flat surface, keep your finger off the trigger, and press downward.
Voila!  A round had been chambered into your pistol!

The Speed Ledge

Are you looking to train yourself to get a better forward grip on your pistol?  Are you looking to control recoil and improve accuracy?  Then you may want to give the Speed Ledge a try.

Competition shooters have used similar devices to aid in recoil reduction, increase their speed for follow-up shots, and improve their accuracy.  The Speed Ledge was designed to provide the same assistance to the defensive shooter.  

For more information and see a video of the Speed Ledge in action go to their website link at the bottom of the page.

.50 Caliber Products
Looking to show everyone that your both pro-gun and pro-big bore?  Then go to to get affordable merchandise made from .50 Caliber ammunition.  My favorites are the bottle opener

and the pen:
There is no better way to open cold ones for your shooting buddies after a throat parching day at the range and no better way for making entries in your shooting log or notations on your targets.  But wait...there more...Real Bullet also has Key Chains, Necklaces, and pro-2nd Amendment T-Shirts.

Dr. Klick's Kit
Now this is one of my favorites.
Anyone who is serious about cleaning their firearms needs one of these kits from the Duluth Trading Company for getting under extractors, and pulling pieces of patches or cleaning cloths that get caught on the interior edges of their firearms.
I would estimate that one of these implements is used at least once every time I come back from the range and (as my friend Doc Wesson would say) commence to get a cleanin'.

And now onto some serious stuff:

GPS Tactical Backpacks

Mike Reilly at Arnzen Arms introduced me to these backpacks and these are the real deal.  If you're stuffing your handguns and accessories into your old junior high school gym bag then you need to pay attention.  These backpacks from G Outdoors are the way to get organized, protect your handguns and accessories as well as show everyone at the range that you are a professional.

First up is the Tactical Range Backpack
This is a heavy duty pack that includes both backpack straps as well as a load bearing waist strap.  If you have a hike to get to your outdoor shooting range this heavy duty bag is for you.

The bag is loaded with features:

There's a section with pockets for shooting glasses and ear plugs.

Another one with a pockets for tools and a plastic case to hold any carry ammo that you take out of your pistols before shooting.
 Up top there are two zippered compartments.  one for your shooting ear muffs and
 one for stashing a good deal of ammo.  I can easily get 500 rounds of ammo in this compartment.
 There's a small zippered compartment on top that contains a rain cover to put over the bag in a sudden squall sneaks up on you.
 On the right side there is a compartment for tape and a staple gun.
 And on the left side there is a compartment that holds three handgun cases.  There is room for two handguns and multiple magazines in each case.

Next up is their Handgunner Backpack

Up top are two zippered compartments for the rain cover and ear muffs.

On the front there is a section with pockets for shooting glasses and ear plugs.

Also on the front there is a larger compartment that holds a foam handgun tray with room for four pistols.  Getting four revolvers in it is a bit of a stretch but three fit easily.  There is also a zippered pouch for papers, maps, etc.

On the left side there is a zippered compartment for tools and accessories.

And another one just below it for staplers, tape and other items you need for your shooting trip.

On the right side there is a compartment marked for a silicon cloth and...

...a cup for holding carry ammo you remove from your concealed handgun.

Below that compartment are two other zippered compartments for anything else that you need to carry.

If you are interested in either of these cases and cannot find a retailer in your area give Arnzen Arms a call as they usually have both backpacks in stock and will usually ship...especially if you tell them that Average Joe sent you.  They can be reached at 952.944.1875.

Elite Survival 4 Gun Pistol Pack

If your range trip does not require you to carry so many accouterments you should take a look at the Elite Survival 

On each side there is a compartment for two pistols with elastic slots for several magazines

And accessories

Just as there are on the other side

Remora Pocket Pack
If you're like a lot of folks you may want to keep a folding knife and flashlight with you at all times but you work in an office where having those items clipped to your belt or even clipped to your pocket may attract unwanted attention from the human resources department.  For that very reason I asked the good people at Remora Holsters to produce a pocket pack that would allow me to carry a tactical knife and flashlight or small expandable baton in my front trouser pocket.  They obliged and it turned out great!

Now, this is not a catalogued item so if you want one contact the good people at Remora (and I say that because they are good people) and ask for one.  You may have to refer them to this post.

To get more information about the products mentioned above or place and order contact information is provided below.  And, as always, tell 'em Average Joe sent ya!:


Speed Ledge:

.50 Caliber Products:

Tweezers and Picks/Dr. Klick's Kit:

GPS Tactical Backpacks:

Elite Survival Four Gun Pistol Pack:

Remora Holsters:

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