Monday, August 05, 2013

Smith & Wesson, Protecting Guests on Disney's Jungle Cruise Since 1955

A little Jungle Cruise Revolver Trivia.  The revolvers are nickel plated.  The lanyard was put on the revolvers after two were stolen from the boats.  They cannot fire live ammunition.  The skipper fires 2 low powered blanks to scare the attacking hippos off.  They also carry louder blanks used to signal for help as follows:

  • 3 shots means the boat is experiencing a mechanical difficulty 
  • 4 shots means a medical or security emergency and the boat is returning to the dock at full throttle
  • 6 shots means the boat is derailed


Duke said...

Interesting, looks like they put round butt grips on a square butt frame and drilled the exposed part of the frame for a lanyard. Neat.

Scramblin_Jim said...

Saw the gun but the boat operator did not use the gun on the two different days we took the ride. We were there just after Thanksgiving 2014. Maybe because it was raining.