Saturday, December 29, 2012

Question for Glock Gen4 Owners

This is a question for Glock Gen 4 owners.  Glock haters or Gen 4 haters please do not respond.

A shooter came to the range today with a brand new G19 Gen 4.  For the first several rounds (4-5) of each magazine the slide would stay back after each round was fired.  The slide was not locked back, the slide release was in the down position.  It was not a magazine issue as we tried a well used magazine from another shooter who had a Gen 2.  After the first 4 to 5 rounds were fired the slide would retract and then hesitate before going into battery for about the next 4 rounds.  After that it would fire the remaining 5 to 7 rounds like a champ.  We did not swap the recoil springs between the Gen 4 and the Gen 2 model because I did not think of it.  Any Gen 4 shooters encounter this or anyone have an idea of the problem?


Lazy Bike Commuter said...

I have a G19 that I haven't even fired yet.

Let us know what you find out once it's solved in case it IS somewhat common.

Eclectic Breakfast said...

Is it a lubrication issue? That it happens with the top cartridges in the magazine suggests it's some sort of interplay involving upward pressure on the slide and some sort of interference from frame or maybe the barrel. Weird; I never heard of a Glock not working like clockwork.

Terry Imar said...

I agree that it might be a lube issue, given that it's a new gun. It sounds like, as the tension on the mag spring is lessened as rounds are fired, friction is reduced and the problem resolves. It's also possible that there's a manufacturing defect in the slide, causing it to press down too hard on the top round in the mag.

Anonymous said...

I would question whether it would be a lube issue because something has to be caught up to hold the slide back. Perhaps lubrication would be an issue if there was a defect in the slide or its corresponding frame part. Maybe the recoil spring catching internally--but that doesn't explain why the last round function fine. That alone sounds like a magazine issue, but it sounds like you tested that. I've never heard of this and just took out new G17 and G19 gen 4s without issue. That was with weak 115 grain practice ammo. I would try to get it resolved quickly on your own then contact Glock. That's unacceptable.