Sunday, July 18, 2010

Refinished Glock 36 Slide

The range which I frequent recently began offering Duracoat refinishing as a Gunsmithing option.  On a whim I had my Glock 36 slide done in Silver Diamond Plate.

I like it and it kind of makes me wish Glock made a plain stainless steel option.  In looking at the other Duracoat colors my mind in ablaze with all sorts of crazy ideas for future Glock projects.

And, it still shoots well:


Anonymous said...

Say it aint so Joe. To me this is like a Thomas Kincade painting or something Elvis would go do in the Velvet years. HK did this to the USP and it looks horrible to me but hey--"To each his own."

Average Joe's Handgun Reviews said...


This is just the beginning. I have seven more Glocks that could use some pizzazz. I'm think gold slides, white slides, blue-grey, and their flame camouflage. There's not much resale value in a Glock anyway; they are meant to be used and abused. What was the old Timex slogan: "it takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'".

Anonymous said...

Actually if you have enough "velvet Elvis" on the glock the threat may fall down convulsing from the laughter. This could make it the new uber tactical mod for CCW--tactical Elvis.

Average Joe's Handgun Reviews said...

Hmmm...have to see if Duracoat has a leopard skin template.

bob said...

Beautiful job on this, exactly what I would want to do if I had the gun. Nothing wrong with an all black glock but this is just cool as hell.

I like the 2 tone look and try to buy all my guns finished this way.

Just bought: Keltec PF9 2 tone, will buy soon: XDs 2 tone. Now that I have seen what you did, the 36 could be on my list soon.

Have a 23 and love it but rather then refinish it, I will probably trade it in on the 36 withing a year. I'm moving up to guns I can conceal easily instead of a house only gun that only sits in a drawer and goes to the range some times.

I now want guns I can carry if I feel like it. Thing is, the way I dress the only thing that really works for me is pocket carry, thus the PF9 and XDs.

If the XDs is reliable and shoots as well as it feels in my hand the PF9 will probably get passed down to my wife or son or find a permanent place in my tackle box to take care of those troublesome fish or jet skiers who think it's great to line up (park) their skis on the launch ramp and then try to act all bad ass when some one needs to launch a real boat and ask them to move.