Sunday, August 16, 2009

Coming Soon: The STI Rogue


tawcat said...

Good morning Joe.

Just want to comment on your posts overall. I actually completed viewing all your posts this morning. My gosh, you sure have quite a collection. Loved some of your vintage pieces.

I was actually searching for a review on a Springfield Micro Compact Operator, .45, 3" barrel. I found the EMP in 9mm.

I just ordered the Micro Compact Operator instead of buying a Kimber Ultra Carry II.

I've got like a 12-16 weeks wait before the gun is to arrive, can you believe that. Anyway I was just looking to read an unbiased review of this piece.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I look forward to your reviews. I'll never own all you review, but it is a nice education of whats out there.

Thanks so much for your dedication to gun ownership.

Stan Jaros (aka Tawcat)

Average Joe's Handgun Reviews said...


Thanks for the kind words. I have owned all but three of the pistols in the blog but...not at the same time. I sell and trade quite a bit. There are about 10 pistols in the safe right now and I have come to the realization that about five of them never get the call anymore so they can free up some needed cash since my gun dealer got a new shipment of CZ's in.

Some of the vintage handguns were great finds at gun shows or sitting on a dusty bottom shelf at some out-of-the way gun shop. They might not have been pretty but they had smooth actions and were very accurate. The Colt Officer's .38 Special Revolver is a great example. I was looking at it on the table of a gun dealer I knew at a local gun show. There was no price on it. I asked him how much he wanted for it and he told me that he had taken it in trade, but really did not want it and wanted it off his table quickly before other people at the show saw it. It was in about 60% condition. He told me he gave the guy $90 in trade for it and that was all he wanted to get out of it. I obliged, took it over to the range and was astounded at the accuracy.

Enjoy your Micro Compact Operator. Springfields usually take about 200 rounds before they are broken in and feed reliably so don't get disappointed if your have feeding or extraction problems during the first 4 boxes. I'm sure, like most Springfield 1911's, it will be dead-on accurate for you.