Saturday, August 01, 2009

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Shooting the H&K P30 and the CZ P 07

With the heavy trigger pull of the H&K P 30 it turned out to be fairly accurate, but not much fun to shoot.

H&K P 30 at 21 feet.

H&K P 30 at 31 feet

P 30 at 50 feet

HK P30 at 75 feet

Shooting the CZ P 07
The CZ P07 is a very forgiving pistol to shoot. That's a fancy way of saying that it makes me look good.

Target shot at 21 feet

Target shot at 31 feet.

Targets shot at 50 feet

Target at 75 feet

Target placed at 30 feet. 50 rounds were slow fired at the head and 30 rounds were rapid fired at the torso.

5o rounds shot rapid fire from 21 feet.

Overall, I enjoyed shooting the CZ P07 much more than I did the H&K P 30. The H&K model has a lot going for it but it is hundreds of dollars more expensive and compared to the CZ it is not worth it. I think the CZ will be easier to conceal and easier to shoot and that means quite a bit to me. Probably the most prominent compliment came from the tactical course instructor who said "the more I see you shoot that (the CZ) the more I like it". That says a lot coming from a card carrying member of the Glock fan club.

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Bob G said...

Thanks Joe.. Glad you confirmed my impressions of the P07...It is my favorite 9mm to carry...Holsters are hard to find but Jason at Concealment solutions made a Side Winder for me that works great..