Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thanks for Reading

I began this blog in 2006 and on May 31st of last year I got around to attaching a hit counter. I started this blog as a way to report weekend range sessions with a couple of friends in Arizona and thought that only a handful of people was actually reading this thing. Never in my wildest dreams would I think that in the span of a year this blog would receive 181,381 visits. According to Bravenet there are thousands of regular visitors with many new readers discovering the blog every week.

I only hope that you find the material interesting and useful. Thanks again for your visits.


dude said...

Yes, yes we do find them both entertaining and interesting.
I found you via a reader of a reader of your blog.

Z@X said...

Man, the pleasure is all ours.
Thank you!

Birian said...

ive just found this site looking for information about sig229 and havent stopped coming back since, now im just waiting for your review on 226 before i buy one.

tawcat said...

Joe, sometime ago you did a review on the Wilson Combat ADP. I recently purchased one of these. The first time I shot it I was ready to trade, but then after subsequent range visits, I've found it to be a viable cc gun. I noticed in the review you had it cased in a Galco pocket holster. Galco states they don't make a holster for the ADP. Can you tell me the model of holster you used so I can try to buy one.

At present I cc the LCP, but want to move up to cc'ing the ADP for obvious reasons.

Thanks for your reviews, I really enjoy them.

Average Joe's Handgun Reviews said...


The pocket holster pictured was the Galco "Pocket Horsehide Holster". While they do not specifically have one for the ADP there are several models for similarly sized pistols that will fit.

However, I have to tell you that I much prefer the pocket holsters from DeSantis. The Nemesis or Super Fly are superior as they do not move in your pocket and stick to the inside of your pocket when you present the pistol. The Galco horsehide is somewhat tacky but depends more on you hooking the top or bottom of the holster on your pocket when drawing.

The ADP is a good pistol and Wilson backs it up with fantastic service, but it does require concentration to shoot well. I know that the more you shoot it the better both it and you will become. The advantage with the ADP is that it has actual sights and is just large enough to obtain good a grip.

A student in our tactical class purchased the Rhorbaugh "Stealth" and while the sights are fairly miniscule, it seems to be more inherently accurate. The problem is cost (around $1200) and availability (usually about a six months).

tawcat said...

Joe, thanks and keep up the great reviews.