Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Classic Old West Holsters

Antiqued Thumb Break Holster with a Browning Hi-Power.

I rarely write about holsters but in this post I am going to make an exception.  The holsters we will be looking at come from an outfit called "Classic Old West Styles" (  They specialize in western and modern holster as well as accessories and vintage looking western apparel.

I first discovered them after I acquired this 1961 nickel plated Colt Detective Special with gold lip mother of pearl grips (probably faux MOP by Jay Scott) with an aluminum T-grip adapter affixed to the front strap.

I wanted a vintage holster to complete the look for this 55 year old revolver.  In searching around I found the holster shown below on Ebay and I was extremely happy with the look and function. 

From the markings on the back of the holster I was able to determine the maker and find Classic Old West's website.  From there I just had to have one for my Smith & Wesson model 65 Ladysmith with a three inch barrel and G10 VZ grips.

These holsters are listed as their "Antiqued Thumb Break Holster" and are available for the bargain price, as of this writing, of $45.00.

I then ordered one for my Smith & Wesson Model 10 with a two inch barrel.

When it arrived it was too small for my model 10 but it fit my model 60 with Altamont grips perfectly.

By now I had picked-up a Smith & Wesson Model 15 square butt, which just happened to fit a set of K-frame stag grips that were wasting away in my grip drawer.  Obviously the vintage look of the revolver and grips just cried out for Classic Old West's antiqued thumb break holster.

So I got one and it makes for a very classic presentation.

I recently decided that my 1911's needed some of the COW love and had them make me us one for my commander sized pistols. The one below is wearing VZ Hyena Brown Frag grips.

Although I got the antiqued thumb break holster I am very tempted to get their Fort Stanton Rig which evokes kind of a Sam Peckinpaw "Wild Bunch" look.

Here's a taste of a few of the other offerings from Classic Old West.

Antiqued Drop Concho Rig

The Cheyenne Loop Holster

And just so you don't think that they only produce western holster here are a few for modern handguns.

Here are two of their models for Glock handguns.

Glock Basket Weave Holster.

Need a holster for your Glock MOS?  Classic Old West has you covered!
 I frequently have people ask me where they can find a holster for their Ruger Mark III and I can tell you that Classic Old West is the place to go.

They can even help your if your Mark III has a scope!

They also make a few shoulder rigs.

These are just a few images of the holsters that Classic Old West has to offer.  All of them look terrific and are very reasonably priced.  So take a look at and please, tell 'em that Average Joe sent you!

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Good to see another review from you Joe. Love seeing the leatherworkng craftsmanship you present. Thank you!