Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Christmas Ideas for the Shooter

Praetorian 2 gloves from 5.11 $54.99

Yellowknife mits with removable liner from Duluth Trading Company $99.00

Hornady Rapid Safe $249.00

Barksa combination safe $24.99 at Amazon

Complete cleaning kit including mat $49.99 at Russell's for Men.

Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick from Russell's for Men $110.00

Grant Cuningham's Picks:

Quark Tactical QT2A-X flashlight  $78.00 from $34.49  Priced by Course  $15.24 training, accessories, matches and more!

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Mark Michie said...

Heard you talking about the gloves on The Gun Nation, and seeing the mitts you mentioned now I understand better. I thought you had described them as a thumb and then two fingers per following section, but they are designed for a thumb, a forefinger, and then the other three fingers in the third section. Here in Manitoba, I call these "chainsaw mitts" because the forefinger lets you work the throttle on a chainsaw but the mitt keeps your hands much warmer than gloves.