Thursday, February 27, 2014

New at Arnzen Arms

Arnzen just received 6 CZ Accu-Shadow pistols today.  Four have are already spoken for but, as of 3 PM, two are still for sale at $1695.00.  If you don't know what these are then you will have to wait for my review.  If you do know what they are you had better click on the Arnzen logo in the side panel right away.

Here's the red fiber optic front sight and the barrel bushing that is the key to the Accu-Shadow's accuracy which is evident in the factory test target.
4 of the 5 test shots went into one small cluster.  There was one flier which I would say was probably the testers fault.

The rear sight is fully adjustable for height and drift adjustable for windage.

While I was there they did have a couple of new additions to their used handguns section that are worth a look.
First is a Dan Wesson Pointman in 9mm and the second is the CZ 75 Polished Stainless.
Unfortunately I did not get the the prices for these last two.


That Guy said...

I want those two CZs.

I would not kick the DW out of bed for eating crackers, though.

Firearms Safety Training MA said...

These guns are really nice. I am also planning to buy a one for safety purpose in my home. I think CZ 75 is suitable.