Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stop the Left-Wing Media Madness

I am so sick of the news media and left-wing, gun grabbing politicians railing on about how "the influential NRA" is causing republican senators and representatives to block the so called "common sense" anti-gun efforts.  I've got new for's the voice of the people.  As great as the NRA is the NRA membership alone would not be enough to cause any politician to alter their course.  There are millions of people not in the NRA who are also making their voices heard.

Also, I want the President to stop saying that "70% of NRA members support his common sense proposals".  Sorry, Mr. Pres...I just don't believe you!

Lastly, I also want Joe Biden to stop giving self-defense advice.  Did you hear the latest where he told women they don't need an AR for home defense.  He told them to get a double barreled shotgun.  He went on to say he's often told his wife if she hears someone trying to break into their mansion she should go into their closet, unlock the cabinet, grab the shotgun, load it, go out on the balcony and fire two rounds to scare the person away.  Yeah, that might work in his secluded estate out in the woods with the latest security technology to alert her, but try that in an urban or suburban environment where most of the public lives.  First of all our apartments and small homes will not provide the adequate buffer to give us time to go to the closet, unlock the cabinet, load, etc.  When the front door comes crashing in it's go time and you'd better be ready.  Secondly, opening the window and cranking off a couple of rounds is a violation of the law and may cause you to have your firearms confiscated and wind up with a stiff fine and possibly some jail time.  Great advice, Mr. Vice-President.  

Obama's administration: doing for the second amendment the same thing they've done for the economy.

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Anonymous said...

As a WILLINGLY elected political servant to the people I am residing with...I have vowed to always be a man of integrity and stand up for their best interests and always protect them. I almost allowed myself to forget my promises. NEVER AGAIN. Jo is Binded.and loves it