Sunday, September 18, 2011

Remora Ankle Holster

For the last two days I have been carrying my Diamondback 9mm in the new Remora ankle holster.  Normally I rarely ever wear an ankle holster.  In fairness it has been many years since I tried to wear one and back in those days they were all the rage but made of leather and sometimes they were lined with fleece.  You had to keep the strap cinched up pretty tight to keep the holster from sliding down too far and being noticeable and if you didn't have the lining the stiff leather would sometimes cut into your leg.  With or without the lining I found them hot and uncomfortable.

Well Alan Bogdan at Remora has come up with his simplistic design for an ankle holster and after the last 48 hours I would say it is a winner.  The elastic band kept the holster in place without making me feel like I was wearing a tourniquet and the Remora's softer materials did not cut or pinch my leg.  For most of the time I forgot I was wearing it and it stayed on my ankle, as of this writing, for 30 of the last 48 hours.

Let's look at how this holster is put together:

Part #1 is the holster with a Velcro loop patch sewn on each side.  Part number 2 is the leg strap that holds the holster in place on your ankle.  Item #3 is the holster strap that, again via Velcro, provides an extra component that secures the leg strap to the holster.  Items numbered 4 are two Velcro weapon retention straps that adhere to the sides of the holster and ensures that the weapon does not fall out during any activities.  In what I think is an ingenious design, the weapon is released by just drawing the handgun through the Velcro tabs that hold the two weapon retention straps together.  I have made this sound complicated but it is not.

So here she is on my ankle:
As I mentioned earlier it is comfortable and stays put. Although I don't think I will use it as primary carry it will be an excellent back-up to my Glock 19, 23, or 36 during cooler weather.


Eclectic Breakfast said...

Back when I played with them I found that some ankle rigs are more comfortable worn "backwards" - butt forward on the right leg.

EmmaP said...

I need either a really good bra holster or one for my purse for my Taurus 709 Slim.

Average Joe's Handgun Reviews said...


I would not go with keeping your pistol in your purse. If someone grabs your purse your gun is gone. If someone "jumps" you the purse would probably be dropped.

Anonymous said...

Would you feel comfortable wearing this while running after a suspect? Does it seem that it would stay secure? Just asking as I'm needing an ankle holster for a back-up gun for duty-use. Thanks.