Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Votes Are In!

Thanks to all who participated. The next reviews will be written in the following order:

1. Glock Model 36 .45 ACP

2. Kahr MK9 9mm

3. SIG P229 .357 SIG

4. CZ P07 9mm

5. H&K P30 9mm (The H&K and the CZ will make a nice comparison article as they are both polymer framed, DA/SA, carry sized 9mms)

6. SIG P226 Blackwater 9mm

7. SIG P220 Platinum Elite in .45 ACP

8. Glock Model 17L 9mm

9. SIG 229 Equinox in .40 S&W

10. Glock Model 38 in .45 GAP (this pistol deserves more respect)

11. SIG P226 Elite in 9mm

12. SIG P229 Platinum Elite in 9mm

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