Sunday, July 16, 2006

S&W Model 22 in .44 Special and Model 325 PD in .45 ACP

Big Bore Blast Off

As I mentioned at the beginning of the pocket pistol review if you know that a determined pursuer is coming after you, you want a gun whose caliber begins with a “4” (a 12 gauge with buckshot would be a good idea too). Let’s look at two:

I have written about the first one in the last two reviews, the Smith & Wesson Model 21 in .44 Special. I am writing about it again because I like shooting this gun a lot. It is powerful, but not personally damaging to shoot and it is accurate. What’s not to like? Also, since last week I have replaced the modern Aherns wooden grips with a set of vintage service grips available from Smith & Wesson online. The vintage grips give it more of an “Indiana Jones” appearance as the revolver now looks like the one he packed in the first movie and used in the Egyptian marketplace to shoot the large, black attired, sword wielding assassin. (A little movie trivia here: Harrison Ford was suffering from dysentery and de-hydration on the day that scene was shot. He was supposed to have a long, elaborately choreographed whip versus sword fight with this man, but by the time he had filmed the part where he dispatched the half dozen or so henchmen, he was too fatigued to continue. Therefore they replaced the fight scene with a more logical improvisation by having him present the big Smith & Wesson Triple lock revolver from its flap holster and put a fat slug into the would-be assailant).

The picture does not due it justice but these checkered grips are really beautiful.

And lastly, the Smith & Wesson Model 325PD in .45 ACP. This large revolver is another Scandium framed handgun with titanium cylinder, stainless steel barrel insert and red Hi-Viz sight. It weighs in at 26.5 ounces although this massive “N” frame revolver feels lighter. This would make a great “walk in the woods” gun. It is definitely a handful of recoil when you shoot it, however good accuracy is still possible as evidenced from the targets below.


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